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AXA Healthcare: academics can communicate intention to renew till 17 March 2023  
Further to the recent announcement concerning the rise in AXA Healthcare insurance premiums, discussions between UMASA and the UM administration have been ongoing.
The Director of Finance just informed UMASA that the timeframe to communicate renewal has been extended to 17 March 2023.
UMASA will be communicating further developments as soon as possible.

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In order to ensure that there is a greater facility in the contact between UMASA council members and the members of academic staff across the University UMASA co-opts a number of its members to serve as ‘contact points’. Given the diversity of needs that are found across the university the contact points are chosen to represent the diversity, disciplinary and otherwise, of UMASA’s membership. Feel free to get in touch with your Faculty Contact Points if there are any issues or queries you would like to bring to the attention of UMASA.

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