Who we are

The University of Malta Academic Staff Association (UMASA) was founded on 23 January 2001.  Right from the very beginning, UMASA has striven to promote the professional development and interests of the academic staff at the University of Malta the development of quality education, independence of thought and academic freedom. It works to to protect and improve the conditions of work of academic staff members at the University. 

On 5 May 2004 UMASA was officially registered as a trade union.  This gave UMASA legitimate representation of the academic staff at the University leading to the signing of a new collective agreement in 2009 with significant improvements in the academic staff working conditions.

UMASA continues to bring academic staff together, proving that in unity there is strength.  It does this in collaboration with the MUT (Malta Union of Teachers) and the other unions in the Forum Unions Maltin (FORUM), which it founded together with others in 2005.