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 UMASA and UM sign collective agreement for academic staff at the University of Malta
UMASA would like to issue the following clarifications with regard to the allegations by made by a teacher’s union. The collective agreement signed today was signed between the University of Malta and UMASA (University of Malta Academic Staff Association). We believe that the agreement is both reasonable and sensitive to the needs of the academic staff and is commensurate with the strategic role that the national University plays in our country. UMASA is the sole bargaining union recognised to enter into these negotiations, a situation which MUT refuses to accept. There are no new provisions for ‘one year contracts’ as reported by the Times of Malta and MUT and this is tantamount to deliberate misinformation. Appointments for Resident Academics will be subject to a process of tenure track review after four years after which the appointments become indefinite. Such tenure review is a process of peer review by fellow academics including members elected by the academic body itself. Such a practice is standard in tertiary level institutions worldwide. It is disheartening to see that MUT has chosen to malign a legitimate agreement, which enjoyed the support of over 90% of UMASA members instead of proceeding to negotiate an agreement for Junior College Staff within the University of Malta. UMASA has repeatedly requested that MUT joins the negotiation table to proceed with the negotiation for Junior College lecturing staff but MUT has refused to come to the table to the detriment of the staff.
Dr. Jean Paul Baldacchino
President, UMASA

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