UMASA directives on teaching modalities

10/7/2020 3:24:27 PM

Having considered the following:
(1) The increased risk of exposure to COVID-19 with in-person teaching, 
(2) The fact that individual student desks/chairs are only placed 1m from each other,
(3) The fact that the agreed guidelines provide for a greater proportion of online teaching, 
(4) The fact that staff members in many departments and faculties are being given the opportunity to teach online without needing to provide proof of vulnerable status or needing to claim very large cohort sizes 
UMASA is issuing the following directives to its members:
(1) If possible, individual staff members may teach their study units online if they feel they are at risk or may pose a risk to vulnerable others without needing to provide any justification or proof of vulnerability.
(2) Staff members are to carry out the rest of their duties as normal as specified in the collective agreement.
Jean-Paul Baldacchino