Representation of Resident Academics at University of Malta

9/29/2020 7:39:54 PM

UMASA would like to issue a clarification with respect to the press release issued by MUT earlier today. In the press release MUT declares that it has registered a trade dispute with the University of Malta. MUT alleges that UMASA’s request for sole recognition is ‘orchestrated to force MUT to agree to clauses which are highly objectionable’. UMASA notes that this is a base and unfounded allegation. UMASA’s claim for sole recognition is based on the objective reason that UMASA enjoys the membership of the majority of resident academic staff and is therefore legally entitled to request for sole recognition. UMASA’s request for sole recognition is done in the interests of our members and we have followed the stipulated legal procedure in order to have our position verified by the DIER. It is unfortunate that MUT chose to hinder this very exercise by first resorting to a failed attempt at a prohibitory injunction in August and is now trying to delay the process further by lodging an industrial dispute while the verification exercise is yet to be concluded. The courts have already decided that there are no grounds to stop the process for verification. Furthermore, we note that UMASA was not included in the reported dispute, a fact which itself goes against the decision issued in 2007 referred to in their press release, which accorded joint representation. UMASA has always worked in the interests of its members and will continue to defend their right to be represented by the union to which they belong.
Dr. Jean Paul Baldacchino
President, UMASA