Meeting with Hon. Minister Dr Clifton Grima

1/16/2023 1:05:43 PM

On 9 January 2023 representatives of the UMASA's Executive Council held a courtesy meeting with Minister Clifton Grima at the Ministry for Education, Sports, Youths, Research and Innovation.
 UMASA representatives attending this meeting emphasised that academics, as one of the major stakeholders of the University of Malta, should be consulted on all decisions that will impact them.
During the meeting UMASA flagged some challenges affecting resident, visiting and casual academic and research support staff. UMASA specifically explained the need to develop a less prescriptive method of assessing academic performance that takes into account not just teaching but also research, community outreach and administration. 
Simplification of bureaucracy, safeguards against precarity, a more sustainable use of space, and having a state of the art bookshop on campus featured among other desirable targets discussed.
UMASA highlighted work done with updating the Manual of Conduct and Procedures, which is now close to completion.
Members of UMASA’s Executive Council attending this meeting also flagged the need to conclude the update to the University Act. In this regard, Minister Grima confirmed pending matters are being currently addressed.
UMASA conveyed its commitment to a consultative and collaborative approach during negotiations concerning the forthcoming collective agreement.
Minister Grima expressed his wish for a follow-up meeting with UMASA, on campus. 
It was agreed to schedule this during February 2023.
Executive Council
University of Malta Academic Staff Association (UMASA)