11/3/2022 1:36:43 PM

Dear members,
Several of you have contacted UMASA in recent weeks with regards to pressure from Administration to reach a teaching load of 36 TAEs for each full-time member of staff (and sometimes a reference to a number of contact hours per week).
We would like to emphasise, however, that there is no agreed minimum or maximum value of TAEs. The TAE system was introduced to help Departments spread and allocate resources fairly and not as a means to force HoDs to increase a lecturer’s workload.
Our teaching load varies from semester to semester and year to year – it should therefore also be looked at over a period of 2-3 years. Moreover, teaching represents one third of our duties. Other work obligations such as research and administration seem to be ignored rather than considered when assessing a person’s overall contribution to their Department.
We therefore urge you not to accept any targeted benchmark you are supposed to reach (or push your staff towards). We are certainly not arguing for shunning work, if someone’s load is light, they should take on more when needed, but we should not be prescriptive about it.
In case of difficulty please contact your UMASA representatives.
Best regards, 
Luciano Mule' Stagno